Welcome to Pet Innovators B.V.

With over 15 years of experience in Pet packaging, we are proud of the fact that our Pet factory is one of the most efficient and modern in Europe. 

In 2015 we built a completely new Pet factory in Purmerend, our factory produces Pet bottles, Pet jerrycans, Pet drums, Pet barrels, Pet jars in various sizes. In addition to standard PET packaging, we also produce custom made models. 

We work with a team of packaging designers and mold manufactures, with we can optimally guide you to your perfect PET packaging. 

With various global innovations in our name, we are always at the forefront of new ideas. 

Many European retailers are our customers, so there is a good chance that you already have come into contact with our PET packaging. 

Our PET packaging is produced by Single Stage (from granulate) or Two Stage (from the preform). You can choose for standard, PLA or recycled raw material. 

With our years of knowledge and a personal approach you are sure of a smooth progress from the design to your own PET packaging. 

In addition to the production of your PET packaging, we can also label and precap it. 

We are BRC Food packaging certified and accredited by the German TÜV NORT CERT GmbH. 

For more information about our possibilities you can contact one of our advisers via our contact form.